Grand Superintendent is President of 2010 Warwickshire General Chapter of Instruction Festival

In April of this year Dr. Richard Neale, The Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire Royal Arch, attended the General Chapter of Instruction Festival of the Province of Warwickshire.  A Warwickshire man by birth, Dr. Neale was President of this year’s Festival and was accompanied by a 16 strong team of Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Masons. During a demonstration of the Exaltation ceremony an historical piece of ritual was presented. Discovered in a ritual book from 1890 and called the Charge before Separating, it proved to be of great interest to those attending. Dr. Neale said that he had thoroughly enjoyed the visit and hoped that more inter-Province events might be organized in the future. “The Royal Arch is indeed a most interesting order” he said. “There is much to discover and be impressed by. All committed Craft masons should give serious thought to continuing their Masonic journey by becoming members before they reach the Master’s chair in their Craft lodges.”