Province of Wiltshire

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Hall Barn entertain Wiltshire

The companions of Hall Barn Chapter were honoured by the presence of the Grand Superintendent, M E Comp David Blanchard, of Wiltshire accompanied by 14 of his acting officers for the year and the equivalent from Buckinghamshire accompanying our own Grand Superintendent M E Comp Richard Neale, there were a further 39 companions from Hall Barn including their guests in the temple making a formidable number, certainly one of the best Hall Barn attendances

The companions of Wiltshire were invited by MEGS E Comp Richard to visit a chapter in Buckinghamshire and to our delight we were chosen to show off our exaltation ceremony skills, and I am pleased to say that the ceremony went perfectly to plan

The festive board was a very happy and well run occasion thanks to our Provincial Director of Ceremonies E Comp Richard Reano, the two Grand Superintendents  were presented with an engraved whisky glass to commemorate the meeting and the raffle raised £450, a cheque for that amount was presented to M E Comp Richard Neale as part of Hall Barn Chapters donation to the 2013 Festival in aid of the Royal College of Surgeons for the furtherance of the Science of Surgery.         E. Comp  Robin Knock.