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The Summer 2011 edition of the Provincial News Magazine, Concord, contained an interesting article by the Second Provincial Grand Principal, Paul Cawte, titled “Why join the Royal Arch?”.  This article is a abbreviated version of a talk for Chapters – See the  RESOURCES section of this website under  ROYAL ARCH TALKS / LECTURES



CONCORD Summer 2011:-


Why join the Royal Arch?

Freemasonry is a journey that promises to take members to important and life-affirming places, a journey of internal self-discovery, helping people to learn how to succeed.

Increased self-confidence and competence to speak in public and influence others are just two of the most visible aspects of this self-improvement.

The journey consists of several steps, acquiring a daily advance in masonic knowledge and enhancing self-esteem.

It is possible to stop at any point on this journey, but this risks missing so much that might have been. No more challenges to overcome, no more self-discovery, no more enlightenment and no more excitement that comes from continuing personal achievement.

It is not surprising, therefore, that some Craft masons experience a ‘crisis of belonging’ after they step down from the Master’s chair. The question at the forefront of their minds must be: ‘What next – what is there still to be discovered?’

For many, the next step is to join the Royal Arch. For the thoughtful mason, the journey of self-discovery continues with an appreciation of ‘truth in the light of eternity’ and the relationship with the Supreme Being.

This is why Craft masons should aim to join a Royal Arch Chapter before they become Junior Deacon in a lodge. Historically, the Craft and the Royal Arch have had a strong and indissoluble connection and membership of both is important in order to complete the journey in ‘Pure Antient Masonry’.

The Royal Arch is less formal and regimented than the Craft, more intimate and relaxed in its outlook, with a further level of masonic insight and understanding. The quest for increased understanding and self-discovery progresses with the assistance of close friends, and there is so much to discover.

By joining the Royal Arch, you can be confident that you are taking a significant step forward in your masonic career.

To find out more go to the new Bucks Royal Arch website at www.bucks

New Royal Arch team and website 

Following the Annual Provincial meeting, Buckinghamshire’s Royal Arch has a new Executive team led by Grand Superintendent Dr Richard Neale, as well as a new website.

John Keeble steps up to become Deputy Grand Superintendent, with Paul Cawte promoted to Provincial Second Grand Principal, and Paul Savage coming into the team as Provincial Third Grand Principal. Richard Reano has been appointed Provincial Director of Ceremonies.

Paul Cawte has also been invested as the acting Grand Standard Bearer of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England, an honour both for him and the Province.

After seven years’service as Deputy Grand Superintendent, Tommy Dunn has stood down. He was Third Provincial Grand Principal 2001-2003, Second Provincial Grand Principal 2003-2004 and Deputy Grand Superintendent 2004-2011.

The new website provides full information about how to join and all news and views about the Royal Arch.

Paul Cawte commented: “The Executive has worked together to produce this new website and I see it as one of the main ways to spread the message to all Craft masons. Unless you become a member of the Royal Arch you could be missing so much in your enjoyment of Freemasonry.”

Craft lodges are urged to put the web address on their Summons to show the indissoluble link between the two organisations.

There is also a new Supreme Grand Chapter tie available and Grand Superintendent Richard Neale is keen for Bucks Royal Arch members to wear it. The tie can be obtained from Letchworth’s – the Grand Lodge shop – on 020 7395 9329 or www.letchworth



End of Concord Articles.