Provincial Royal Arch Strategy – Now Up-and-running

The sharp-eyed Companions who regularly visit this website will have noticed the appearance of  the new Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Strategy document.

This strategy was developed over the summer by an Executive team comprising the M.E. Grand Superintendent, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, the Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals and the Provincial Scribe ‘E’. The document is headed with the positioning statement

“For the thoughtful and curious Mason – the journey of self-discovery continues with membership of the Royal Arch.”

This encapsulates why membership of the Royal Arch should be recommended to all experienced Craft Masons who wish to expand their understanding of Masonry and complete their journey in Pure Antient Masonry.

E.Comp. John Keeble, Deputy Grand Superintendent, who has played a lead role in co-coordinating and developing this strategy says “It is not only important for all Bucks Royal Arch Masons to understand where the Province is heading, it is also vital that prospective new members from the Craft should be able to read and comprehend what they might expect from their membership.” He continued, ” Our strategy is a living process that is revisited on a routine basis, to make sure that we are on track and that the Province and all of our Chapters are benefiting from the direction we are taking together.” According to John, it would appear that a number of the original strategic objectives are already approaching fruition thanks to much hard work on the part of the team.

The members of the Executive team that produced this document believe that this Strategy is for all to share. “Every Companion has the potential to play an important role in the continuing success of this Province as well as their own Chapter.” commented E.Comp. Dr. Richard Neale.

John Stribling, the webmaster who administers the Provincial website commented “It is notable that the majority of visits to this website include hits on the strategy document. This demonstrates that members of Bucks Royal Arch really do appreciate what we are doing here.”

(The Strategy Document can be found elsewhere on this site.)