Provincial Royal Arch Website – an established source of news and information for Buckinghamshire Companions

It is now almost a year since the new Bucks Royal Arch website was launched.

Since its launch it has been enhanced with a number of new features and has become the foremost source for up to date news about the Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire.

The recently added page that welcomes newly exalted Companions is proving to be very popular, with details of new Companions appearing soon after they are exalted. The page that displays the Bucks Royal Arch Strategy has also proved to be a popular destination for inquiring minds.

Currently the weekly ‘hit rate’ for the site has grown steadily to around 300, as more and more Companions discover that there is much to learn about Royal Arch Masonry in general and Bucks Royal Arch in particular by regularly visiting the site. It is anticipated that this number will grow, slowly but surely as more Companions join the ranks of regular visitors..

If you have any comment regarding this site of have anything that you consider to be of interest to your Companions, that is newsworthy or will help them enjoy their Royal Arch Masonry more, please communicate it to the webmaster, John Stribling at