Grand Superintendent Enthroned in Chair of Sunnymeads Rose Croix Chapter

The Grand Superintendent was please to welcome  Hugh Stubbs. the Grand Treasurer General of the Supreme Council 33° on the Ancient and Accepted Rite (other wise known as the Rose Croix), to his enthronement in the Chair of the Sunnymeads Chapter Rose Croix at the Slough Masonic centre on Tuesday 20th December. The ceremony of enthronement was performed in an excellent manner by Graham McGowan-Smyth. The Enthronement meeting was attended by the Inspector General for Buckinghamshire, David Sawyer, and the District Recorder, Peter Carter, both of whom admitted to having a most enjoyable time. Also attending were other members of the Royal Arch Executive team, the Deputy Grand Superintendent John Keeble, the Second Provincial Grand Principlal Paul Cawte and the Third Provincial Grand Principal Paul Savage, all of whom are active members of  Buckinghamshire Rose Croix Chapters.
Overall, it was an excellent evening and Hugh Stubbs addressed the members at the festive board by pointing out the importance of a continuing healthy membership of the Craft to all the Masonic Orders, especially the Royal Arch and the Rose Croix.
Dr. Richard Neale commented “When a Craft Mason takes his next step in Masonry by joining the Royal Arch, it can open his eyes to a world of enjoyment to be experienced in other Masonic orders as well. The Rose Croix being a Christian order, is a particularly compelling proposition for Royal Arch Masons and the ritual can only be described as truly beautiful”. He continued “I would encourage all Craft Masons to give serious consideration to the benefits of becoming a member of the Royal Arch as their next step; and to do so before it is too late to experience all the benefits it is able to offer.”