The Royal Arch is “Where it all comes together.” according to the M.E. Pro-First Grand Principal

Pro First Grand Principal

Peter Geoffrey Lowndes
Pro First Grand Principal

Those attending the Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter on 9th November were interested to hear the Pro-First Grand Principal, M.E. Comp. Peter Lowndes, liken joining the Royal Arch to the final episode of a four-part television drama series.

“Why watch the first three episodes of a four-part drama and then decide not to watch the fourth and final episode where it all comes together?” he questioned. He also used this same analogy when addressing the Brethren at the installation of R.W. Bro. Gordon Robertson as the new Provincial Grand Master for Buckinghamshire on 24th October. Clearly, the rulers of Craft and Royal Arch Masonry place great importance on new Freemasons eventually making the decision to progress by taking their fourth and final step in Pure Antient Masonry. Currently, the proportion of Craft Masons who are members of the Royal Arch stands at around 40% nationally. This also holds true for the Province of Buckinghamshire.  

A target has now been set by Supreme Grand Chapter to increase this percentage to 50% in all Provinces. “This is going to require a considerable effort on the part of all concerned.” commented the M.E. Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire, Dr. Richard Neale. “Co-ordination between the Provincial Executives of the Craft and the Royal Arch will be fundamental to our success. By joining the Royal Arch, Craft Masons can be sure that they are taking a significant step forward in their Masonic careers. However, it is good advice for a Craft mason not to leave it too long before joining the Royal Arch as there is so much more to discover beyond the Craft.”