The Other Life of the Second Provincial Grand Principal

Most of us enjoy a good healthy walk in a picturesque part of the English countryside, and Paul Cawte, who is the Second Provincial Grand Principal, enjoys his walks so much, that for the past four years he has been a Volunteer Warden at the National Trust’s Hughenden Manor Estate. It is the historical country house of Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, situated just outside High Wycombe. Paul has recently led a small team in conceiving and producing a brand new pocket-sized walks leaflet for the woodland walks around the Hughenden Manor Estate.

“My responsibility is to patrol designated footpaths around the woods, to make sure that they are safe for walkers and do not become obstructed by fallen trees or other debris.” explained Paul. He continued “I always carry a small digital camera with me to take photographs of remarkable or interesting sights that I discover on my routine patrols. A number of these photographs have now been included in the new Hughenden Woodland Walks leaflet along with a comprehensive map and sets of descriptions of the four main way-marked walks.”

 Paul and his colleagues at the Trust say that they would like to see as many local families and especially fellow Freemasons, as possible taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy regular healthy walk and marvel at the sights and sounds of the countryside. “It is free and there is a very good restaurant at the Stables Courtyard, and also a well as a well-stocked National Trust shop and a second-hand bookshop, so why not try it? – you can’t go wrong.” say Paul.

The leaflet is available free of charge and can be obtained from the Booking Office in the Stables Courtyard and also from many of the local shops and public houses in the vicinity of Hughenden Manor. If you know Paul, then give him a call and he will be pleased to see that you get a copy.


Paul Cawte with wife Yvonne in ‘walking mode’