2013 Royal College of Surgeons Appeal

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2013 Royal College of Surgeons Appeal

There have been numerous glitches with the recording by Grand Charity of donations to the Royal Arch 2013 Royal College of Surgeons Appeal. We are not the only Province to be affected.

In some instances Provinces have been mixed up and some chapters have had the wrong donations allocated against their name.Grand Charity isin the process of sorting it out;however, to get ahead of the game we are going to change the way we deal with the 2013 Appeal donations.

As of now we would like all donations to the Appeal, whether from an individual or chapter, to be processed through me as Provincial Grand Charity Steward.

I will record the donation on my system and as I am in Freemasons’ Hall twice a week I will take it in to Grand charity and get a receipt for the donation.That way we will have an accurate handle on our own Province’s donationsand we can be confident in future about the accuracy of the reports produced by Grand Charity.

Send your donations and relevant paperwork  to:

 John McKenzie, 91 Longfellow Road, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 8BD.