Beaconsfield Centre receives a windfall of £25,000 towards essential improvements.

Ivo Nash being presented with a gift to mark his 100th birthday in 2008, with Paul Cawte, Secretary of the Cestreham Lodge

The Directors of the Beaconsfield Centre were delighted to receive a cheque for the  sum of £25,000 from a legacy bequeathed by a deceased member of the Cestreham Lodge and Chapter, Brother Walter Ivo Nash.

Brother Ivo, as he preferred to be known, was one hundred and three years of age when he passed away in January 2012. He was one of the founders of the Cestreham Lodge in 1948, and was also an avid supporter of the Beaconsfield Centre from its earliest days. The terms of the legacy were…” the sum of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS (£25,000) to CESTREHAM LODGE No. 6674 absolutely for or towards capital purposes (including the redemption of capital debt whenever incurred) of the Masonic Centre, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.”

 “Bro. Ivo was a wonderful personality and a very keen Freemason,” explained Paul Cawte the Secretary of the Cestreham Lodge, “  

This windfall comes at a very opportune time for the Beaconsfield Centre, as its Fund-raising Committee  have been very much involved in building up funds towards the conversion of the two main dining rooms into one, with a set of sound-proof folding doors between them. The initial estimate for this conversion was, coincidentally, £25,000. With the money now in the bank, the work to effect this conversion should commence next summer.

The members of the Cestreham Lodge and Chapter were pleased in September to confirm that the full amount be transferred to the Beaconsfield management, with the request that the refurbished dining room be named after the benefactor and become the ‘Ivo Nash Room.’