Executive Changes for the Royal Arch in 2013

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Dr Richard J.H. Neale, Grand Superintendent, Buckinghamshire.

At the recent convocation of the Bucks First Principals Chapter, Dr. Richard Neale announced the changes he would be making to his senior Executive at the forthcoming Provincial Convocation in March 2013. The Second Provincial Grand Principal Paul Cawte, having  completed his two years in office, would be standing down for a well earned rest. He will be replaced by the current Third Provincial Grand Principal Paul Savage. The appointment to the office of Third Provincial Grand Principal will be, Rob Chaproniere, who is a member of the Cowper and Newton Chapter No2244 which meets at Olney. “I am looking forward to welcoming Rob to the Executive” explained Dr. Neale “He will bring additional skills that will enable us to further reinforce the ability of the Province to satisfy the expectations of our membership, and progress the development of the Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire.

Dr. Neale said he was pleased with the performance of the current Executive, the members of which had achieved much in helping to modernise the way in which the Province communicates with its members and prospective members from the many Craft Lodges in Buckinghamshire. “Now is the time for Craft Masons who have reached the office of Junior Deacon to give serious consideration to becoming a member of the Royal Arch and completing their journey in Pure Antient Masonry”.