Test your Knowledge of the Royal Arch!

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New for 2013, the Bicentenary year of the Royal Arch, the Buckinghamshire Provincial Executive has launched a new resource for its Chapters in the form of a Team Quiz. 

 The Quiz is of approximately one our in duration, and is designed to be held in convocations by Chapters who would like their members to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of various aspect of Supreme Grand Chapter and the history of the Holy Royal Arch. The aim of this quiz is to be both informative and entertaining. The element of competitiveness adds a further dimension to the enjoyment of participation, if required, certain the quiz can be customised to include items related to specific Chapters.

Dr. Richard Neale commented, “I understand from those who have taken part, that this Quiz is an entertaining and informative way to learn more about our order.” He continued “It is important to make our convocations interesting and engaging for all those attending, especially those recently Exalted into the Royal Arch.  Paul has worked assiduously to produce a new resource to add to the many talks and lectures previously available. This should prove invaluable for Chapters who want to introduce a fun element to their convocations.”