Royal Arch Representatives Programme

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W. Bro Peter D Moody,PJGD, AsstPGM. 

The  Royal Arch Representatives Programme got off to a good start, with the first meeting being held on Saturday 25th of May at the Masonic Centre, Slough.

The Seminar was facilitated by W.Bro. Peter D Moody,APGM and our Royal Arch Deputy Grand Superintendent John L Keeble.

The meeting was well attended with representatives from many Lodges.

All who attended found the meeting informative with a healthy exchange of views and information, to take back to their Lodges.

The purpose of the Royal Arch representative within a Lodge is to give good information on the Royal Arch, as being the next step in Craft Masonry along with personal advice and assistance to brethren within their Lodge on a suitable Chapters to join.

A booklet was circulated at the meeting containing the thoughts and ideas which have come from many sources, including Provinces who already operate such a programmes. (If you would like a copy please E Mail Provincial Office

The next meeting is to be held at the Masonic Hall, Bletchley on Saturday 15th June 10am to noon. (If you are a Royal Arch Representative for your Lodge and have not yet booked in please E Mail Provincial Office