Our Grand superintendent Dr Richard Neal has been pleased to announce the following  active appointments for 2014 all to be invested at our annual convocation in March:

This year there is an additional rank from previous years that of Provincial Grand Almoner for which  E. Comp Stephen Edward Knight of Herschel Chapter  No 1894  has been appointed, the roll will cover the general wellbeing of Companions and their families and to encourage companions to fully engage and enjoy their Royal Arch Masonry.

Grand Scribe E John Arthur Stribling ProvGSE Neleus
Grand Scribe N Bevan John Ernest Money PPGSN Hampden
Grand Treasurer Timothy Russell Oxlade PPGSoj Herschel
Grand Registrar Richard John Lewis ProvGReg Princes Risborough
Grand D.C. Richard Hayden Reano ProvGDC Grenfell
Grand Swd B John Kenneth Brown PPGSoj Thames Schools
Deputy Grand D.C. Paul Waldron ProvDepGDC Buckingham
Deputy Grand D.C. Stephen John Barnes PPGSoj Grenfell
Grand Almoner Stephen Edward Knight   Herschel
Grand Charity Steward Michael William Blane  PPGSwdB Oliver
Grand Sojourner Guy Farrow PPAGDC Buckingham
1st  Asst. Grand Soj. Norman Birkitt   Five Points
2nd Asst. Grand Soj.  Dr Kulvinder Singh Sanghera   Beaconsfield
Asst. Grand Scribe E Michael Ralph Stephens PPGSN, ProvAGSE Thames School’s
Grand Standard Bearer Alan Clarke   Wineslai
Grand Standard Bearer Alan Etienne Payen   Marlow Valley
Grand Standard Bearer Mark Royston Evans   River
Grand Organist Roy Wilfreied Turner PGOrg, ProvGOrg  Cowper & Newton
Asst. Grand D.C. Neil McDougall Dalrymple   Addington
Asst. Grand D.C. Timothy Russell Gerrard   Bowen
Grand Steward Phillip Saunders   Thames Mariner
Grand Steward Navtej Singh Jasal   Beaconsfield
Grand Steward Andrew William Stephens   Bevan
Grand Steward Steven Clive Dampier   Hall Barn
Grand Janitor Anthony Paul Sydney Mills,    PPGSoj, ProvGJan Hall Barn