Bucks Royal Arch Province has launched a brand new 44 page glossy booklet especially for newly-exalted Companions. Called the Exaltee’s Guide, this high quality printed booklet contains a great deal of useful information which new Companions will find invaluable as they begin their journey in the Royal Arch.

All new Companions in Buckinghamshire will henceforward, receive a free copy of this booklet on the day of their exaltation. Sufficient quantities have also been made available for all those who were exalted  during 2013 to receive a copy as well. All other Bucks Companions who are interested to obtain a copy may do so through their Chapter’s Scribe ‘E’ at the price of £5.00. 

Dr. Richard Neale said, “It is important that we offer all new Companions the maximum support we can. The Royal Arch, although it is a progression from the Craft, is quite different in many respects. This booklet represents a great stride forward in achieving this objective.” He continued, “I hope that all Companions who obtain a copy find it informative and a useful reference? Maybe our Chapters might even consider having each booklet they give out to newly-exalted Companions signed by all members present at the exaltation ceremonies, as an enduring memento of a special moment in their new members’ masonic careers.