E Comp Barrie Mellars

Those attending the Spring Convocation of the Bucks First Principals’ Chapter at Bletchley Masonic Centre in April, were treated to an excellent home-grown historical talk given by Barrie Mellars, a Past Principal of the Wineslai Chapter, meeting at Winslow. The subject of his most compelling talk was “The Legend of the Royal Arch”, which was given with the assistance of an audio visual presentation.

Barrie included reference to the historical evidence for the events that underpin the ritual story of the Royal Arch; that concerning the second temple at Jerusalem. He also touched on the evidence for the early origins and development of the Royal Arch as a masonic order in its own right, up to the Union of the Ancient and Modern Grand Lodges in 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of England and Wales and subsequently the Supreme Grand Chapter.

Barrie was congratulated for his hard work and dedication in putting this talk together and everyone present agreed that it was very well researched, informative and highly entertaining. Commenting on the talk, Paul Cawte, who is currently the Chapter’s Second Principal and is also the Provincial Information Officer, said “Scribes of Buckinghamshire Chapters would be well advised to take advantage of the opportunity to invite Barrie along to their convocations to give his talk to their members. It would provide many companions with a means of increasing their knowledge and understanding of the Royal Arch, and how it fits in with the three Craft degrees, in order to complete what we know as Pure Antiente Masonry.” The Grand Superintendent, Dr. Richard Neale, added “It is important for those who take their masonry seriously to ensure that they become members of the Royal Arch, and to do so by the time they have reached the office of Deacon in their lodges. This talk certainly does help us to understand why this is so important and should inspire us to approach our brethren in the Craft who are not yet members with sincere invitations to become Companions.”

To make a booking for this talk, Scribes should, in the first instance direct their enquiry to the Provincial Office and contact  John Stribling or e mail him at interface.p@talk21.com. For information regarding taking up membership of the Bucks First Principals’ Chapter, please contact Trevor Stubbings by e mail at tstubbing@btconnect.com.