Denham Chapter Going Strong

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E Comp Peter Tucker H, Comp Nick Brewer,  Graham Buckingham, Z and Mike Watts, J.

Denham may no longer have a film studio, but they do have a very special group of Freemasons, who meet under the banner of the Denham  Chapter No 5950, which meets in the village hall, Denham Garden Village.

At a meeting held on Thursday 11th December 2015, Brother Nick Brewer of West Ealing Lodge No 6274 was exalted in to the Denham Chapter, in a well worked and warm ceremony. Nick’s interest in joining the Royal Arch had come to fruition after watching a “Talking Heads” presentation in his Lodge which explains the Royal Arch and its essential and natural progression from Craft Freemasonry.

Denham Chapter was consecrated in 1991 and still has eleven of its founders, in recent years it has attracted many candidates and is growing from strength to strength, if you have the chance to attend a meeting, you will receive a Companions welcome.