Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire Makes Presentation to Mark Retirement of Grand Superintendent


At the convocation of Buckinghamshire First Principals held on Friday 9th of January, a presentation was made on behalf of the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire of an engraved port decanter and glasses set on a polished oak tray, was made to our popular Grand Superintendent Dr Richard Neale, who retires from the office on the 28th of February 2015.

His successor E Comp John Keeble who is to be installed as Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire on the 23rd of March 2015, was delighted on behalf of the Province to make the presentation to our Grand Superintendent, Dr Neale surprised and clearly touched by this expression of affection, thanked the Province for their support over the ten years he has served as Grand Superintendent and wished his successor every success and for him to enjoy the office as much as he had, The companions present warmly expressed their thanks to their retiring Grand Superintendent.

Engraved on the decanter set:- 

Presented to Dr Richard J.H. Neale

 Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

 In and Over Buckinghamshire

2005 to 2015.

 With grateful thanks from

the Companions of Buckinghamshire.

 decanter megs