Ship-shape and Bristol fashion

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On  Tuesday the 17th of February 2015, our ME Grand Superintendent, Richard               J.H  Neale, his Executive and Officers of the year, had the pleasure of visiting the Royal Arch Province of Bristol, with  a provincial exchange visit to Jerusalem Chapter No. 686, the meeting was held at Freemasons Hall, Bristol, were they were warmly welcome by The ME Grand Superintendent of Bristol M E Comp Alan Vaughan, his Executive and Officers.

After the Chapter was opened, The First Principal of the Chapter E Comp David Brake , welcomed the ME Grand Superintendents of Bristol and Buckinghamshire, together with their respective Executive and Officers of the year.


ME Grand Superintendent, Richard J H Neale replied on behalf of his Companions from Buckinghamshire, how nice it was to be in the Province of Bristol and in particular at Jerusalem Chapter.

The Chapter had a candidate for Exaltation Bro. Johathan Spencer Perry of Downend Lodge No 5498, of the Province of Bristol. The Exaltation Ceremony was carried out to the highest standard using Bristol unique workings, including the ceremony of the veils, following the Chapter meeting a very enjoyable festive board.

A special Masonic occasion old friendships renewed and new friends made.