What Happened to the Royal Arch in 1813?

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Yasha Beresiner, far left, with the Principals of the Bucks First Principals Chapter.
This was the question posed by notable masonic historian and writer, Yasha Beresiner, the guest speaker at the recent Bucks First Principals convocation in April. The answer is contained in his book, Royal Arch Freemasonry in England 1813-2013, published to coincide with the bicentenary celebration of Supreme Grand Chapter.
Yasha Beresiner was, as always, entertaining and amusing in presenting his own ‘historical take’ on the subject. He afterwards signed copies of his book, as demonstrated in the photograph by the chapter principals.For those keen to know the answer, and as Yasha himself pointed out, “not a great deal happened in 1813, as it was not until 1817 that the United Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England, the direct predecessor of today’s Supreme Grand Chapter, actually came into being.”
“The history surrounding the Union of 1813 and the part played by the Royal Arch is however, fascinating and this book is the first really accessible Royal Arch history published for many years and is well worth the investment”, commented Paul Cawte the First Principal of the chapter.