Jewel wearing in Royal Arch Chapters

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Our  Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E. Comp John Keeble has confirmed the correct dress code for Masonic Jewels in the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire, should be the Royal Arch Jewel  (white, red, or tricolour), PZ , Buckinghamshire 2021 Festival Jewel and the Craft 300 year celebration only.

You should not be wearing any other jewel.

The Royal Arch Jewel (white, red, PZ  or tricolour) left breast near centre, 3OO year Craft centre and the festival jewel alongside to your left.

Royal Arch Jewels


Buckinghamshire Festival Jewel 2021, can be worn in Buckinghamshire Chapters only.

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Craft 300 year celebration Jewel should be worn in Royal Arch Chapters as Supreme Grand Chapter recommendation from Thursday 27th April 2017. The Craft 300 year celebration jewel should not be worn in Supreme Grand Chapter.