Wycombe Chapter at Play

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On Tuesday 9th of May Wycombe Chapter held a meeting of the Chapter at Marlow Masonic Centre, the meeting was well attended and the guest of honour was our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent John Keeble. At the close of the meeting members of the Craft who are currently not members of  the Royal Arch joined the companions to watch a short play entitled  “Talking Heads – The Next Step: Into the Royal Arch”

“Talking Heads” is a short play of an encounter between two lodge members; one an experienced Past Master (and Royal Arch Companion) and the other a Master Mason curious to know more. It covers the history of the Order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why the Royal Arch is the climax and completion of pure Antient Freemasonry, the time and financial commitments involved in being a member, how to discover more and how to find a Chapter to join.

The encounter starts in the anteroom just outside the lodge room at a Craft meeting with the two brothers opening their cases and getting prepared for their meeting. The play covers questions ranging from idle curiosity “why is it a separate Order?” to more personal speculations such as “what is the Master Mason in the 21st century missing by not being a member of the Royal Arch?

The short play was well received by all who attended followed by a superb festive board.  Wycombe Chapter were congratulated by our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent John Keeble for an enjoyable, memorable  Masonic evening. We can expect to see in the near future an increase in Wycombe Chapter’s membership!