Three Provinces Exchange Visit to Oxfordshire

Jem Whitmore, Bernard Greenwold, John Stribling, John Power, Bernd Wegerhoff,          Andrew Pickwick

MEGS John Keeble,   MEGS James Hilditch (Oxon),  DepGSupt Leslie Steward (Oxon)

On Monday the 9th of June 2017, our Grand Superintendent, E. Comp John Lionel Keeble accompanied by his executive and acting officers of the year attended a three Provinces fraternal exchange visit  to the Royal Arch Province of Oxfordshire, also visiting Oxfordshire was the Royal Arch Province of Berkshire.

The delegations were most warmly welcomed by the Grand Superintendent of Oxfordshire,     E. Comp James Hilditch, his executive and  team of officers. The host Chapter was The Round Table Chapter of Oxfordshire No 9509, meeting at the Bicester Masonic Centre, North Street, Bicester.

All present enjoyed a splendid installation ceremony performed with great sincerity and dignity, during the convocation The Round Table Chapter of Oxfordshire was also pleased to receive from The Carfax Chapter No 5723  the “Travelling Drinking Horn” (The travelling drinking horn is to encourage visiting between Chapters, to extend friendships and to enhance the vibrancy of Chapter meetings, in Buckinghamshire we have the “Travelling Altar of Companionship”).

The convocation was followed by a hearty and happy festive board. Altogether a fine example of the fraternal friendship displayed in the Royal Arch.

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