No Way Back” for Hampden Chapter

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E Comp Mike Humphery, Comp Ken Norton, E Comp Brian Smith

“Vestigia Nulla Restrorsum” is Hampden Chapter’s Latin motto meaning no way back, which the Chapter has made good use of as it goes from strength to strength.

On Wednesday the 1st of  November  2017, Hampden Chapter held their 147th convocation at the Masonic Hall, Aylesbury. The Chapter is proving to be very popular with candidates for exaltation, at this meeting Brother Kenneth Norton of  Vale Lodge No 6632, who was raised on the 21st September 2016, was exalted into the Hampden Chapter in fine style. E Comp Mike Humphret was very good as Principal Sojourner. The general atmosphere throughout convocation was of friendship and enjoyment,

Hampden’s Scribe E, E Comp John Money in his capacity as the leader of the Hampden “ Pipe Line” gave news of two future candidates for Hampden Chapter. This is a very good Chapter well set for the future.