First Principals Adding Theatre

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E Comps Richard Gardiner MetGInsp, First Principal  Paul Savage DepGSupt

At Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter Installation Meeting, which was held on Friday the 12th of January 2018, at the Slough Masonic Centre, with over eighty companions in attendance, our popular Deputy Grand Superintendent E Comp Paul Savage was installed as First Principal of the Chapter in a well worked ceremony led by the out going First Principal E Comp Stan Green

The companions were then treated to a new presentation by a team from Metropolitan Grand Chapter led by E Comp Richard Gardiner MetGInsp entitled “Adding Theatre to the Exaltation Ceremony”, this new presentation follows on from Metropolitans’ “Talking Heads” and “The Royal Arch in Camera”  successful lectures  which Provincial Grand Chapter of Buckinghamshire have adopted and are using with great success through out the Province.

The new lecture is designed to be delivered at a Chapter Meeting to improve the knowledge and enjoyment of the companions. The team from Metropolitan Grand Chapter were thanked and all the companions showed their appreciation.

A Memorable Masonic Occasion!

First Principal E Comp Paul Savage, DepGSupt with the Metropolitan Team.