“The Loving Fraternity of The Valley”

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The Three Principals     H, Brian Naylor,      Z Harry Hunter,     J Tom Milton

The aims of the founders of Marlow Valley Chapter are expressed and approved in Chapter’s Latin motto “Collegium Vallis Amicum” which translates as “The Loving Fraternity of The Valley”

The Installation convocation of the Chapter held at Marlow Masonic Centre on Monday the 8th of January, certainly lived up to the hopes and expectations of the founders, where the twenty-two companions who attended were privileged to be part of a warm and friendly meeting where the Chapter installed new Principals, Brian Naylor as H, Tom Milton as J and Harry Hunter continuing in Office proclaimed as  M.E.Z.

The ceremony was led by Harry Hunter and  Alan Payen  in fine style, followed by a very enjoyable festive board.