The Hampden Pipe Line in Full Flow

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Comp Colin Piper, Z   and  Comp Brian Franklin

On the Wednesday 4th of April 2018, The Second Provincial Grand Principal, John Sribling had the pleasure of visiting Hampden Chapter No 6483, this was a regular convocation of the Chapter which was held at the Masonic Hall, Aylesbury. The Chapter is continuing to be very popular with craft brethren wishing to join the Royal Arch, at this meeting Bro Brian Arnold Franklin a retired heating engineer of Hampden Lodge No 6483 was the candidate for Exaltation. Brian was raised in Hampden Lodge on the 21st of March 2015.

All the companions present at this meeting were treated to enjoyable ceremony. E Comps Paul Bird as Principal Sojourner and Colin Piper as First Principal, delivered and lead the ceremony of Exaltation to a high standard. The general atmosphere throughout was of friendship and enjoyment, Hampden have Exalted a large  number of candidate during recent years and have another in the pipe line. E Comp John Money has now retired as Scribe E of the Chapter after thirteen years!, however he continues to be an inspiration to the members of the Chapter by his good nature and enthusiasm, for the Royal Arch.  This is a very good Chapter well set for the future.