Three Provinces Exchange Visit to Hall Barn Chapter

On Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018, our M E Grand Superintendent John Keeble, accompanied by his executive and acting officers of the year, had the pleasure of hosting a three Provinces fraternal exchange visit to the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire. The exchange visit was held at the Beaconsfield Masonic Centre, at regular convocation of Hall Barn Chapter No 8480. Visiting Buckinghamshire were the Royal Arch Provinces  of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, led by the M E Grand Superintendent of Oxfordshire James Hilditch and the M E Grand Superintendent of  Berkshire Ian Hopgood, accompanied by their executive and acting officers of the year.

The visiting delegations were most warmly welcomed by our Grand Superintendent and the Principals of Hall Barn Chapter.

All ninety two companions present at the convocation had the pleasure of witnessing W Bro Jasbinder Sian, who was raised in the Wanderers Lodge No 1604 in 2010, exalted into Hall Barn Chapter, in a well worked and enjoyable ceremony led by the acting MEZ , Stephen Dampier along with the outstanding ritual of the Principal Sojourner Andy Sutton.

The convocation was followed by a hearty and happy festive board. Altogether a fine example of the fraternal friendship displayed in the Royal Arch.

H,  Steven Matthews,  MEGS (Oxon) James Hilditch,  Z  Stephen Dampier,  MEGS john Keeble,     J,  John Zammit,  MEGS (Berks) Ian Hopgood,  Comp Jasbinder Sian.


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