Excellent Companion Paul Savage, Deputy Grand Superintendent, has requested to  stand down from office with effect from 25th March 2019.                                      .

Excellent Companion Paul has been a tower of strength in the Royal Arch executive and will be sorely missed. Paul will have served four years as Deputy and has been a constant source of counsel and advice and has served the Province with distinction.

In consequence of this decision, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, John
Keeble, in conjunction with the RW Provincial Grand Master, John Clark, are pleased
to announce that Excellent Companion Graham Dearing, Provincial Grand Scribe
Nehemiah, Assistant Provincial Grand Master in the Craft, has accepted the office of
Deputy Grand Superintendent and will be invested at the Provincial Grand Chapter
meeting at Sindlesham on 25th March 2019.

Graham will stand down from office, as APGM in October to enable him to devote all
his efforts to his new senior role in the Royal Arch. Graham has been a great asset
to the Craft Executive since being appointed as APGM in October 2015. His cheque
presentations as Provincial Charity Steward and APGM have put us in a different
league. The fun nature of these has delivered great results with a total of £734,000
being donated in that time. Most recently looking after the new shows team and
setting up a Provincial think tank. His efforts for Freemasonry in the community are
too numerous to mention. Most importantly, Graham is not frightened to speak his
mind and always gives good solid advice and is a truly outstanding freemason.

Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Chapter are delighted that Excellent Companion
Graham is taking this office and bringing his own management skills to the team.
Going forward the Royal Arch, in conjunction with our Craft colleagues, are placing a
major emphasis on membership issues. Many initiatives are in place and yielding
significant results in the areas of attraction, engagement and retention. Graham’s
unique style and experience will engage seamlessly-in the delivery of the Royal Arch

This appointment reinforces the fine example of cooperation and mutual objectives
displayed by the Executives’ of Buckinghamshire Craft and Royal Arch.

Replacing Graham as APGM at the Provincial Meeting on October 22nd and after
many years of sterling service to the Province is Gary Brodie our Provincial DC. Gary
was due to step down in October after five years of leading the Province through a
change of PGM and maintaining the precision and decorum of our official
engagements. Gary has served as a Provincial Grand Steward, Deputy Provincial
DC and Provincial DC through which roles he has become well known throughout
the length and breadth of Buckinghamshire. We wish Gary continued success in his  new role and look forward to working with him.                                        ‘

Yours sincerely & fraternally,

John Clark,   Provincial Grand Master          John Keeble,  Provincial Grand Superintendent