A Royal Arch Welcome to Provincial Grand Lodge

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Our Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro  John Clark arranged a colourful entrance to this year’s Provincial Grand Lodge meeting, which was held at Grand Lodge in London, with Royal Arch Masons in their regalia at the entrance to the Grand Temple welcoming brethren, with banners and information on Freemasonry consisting of four interdependent steps.

1          Entered Apprentice,

2          Fellowcraft,

3          Master Mason,

4          Royal Arch Companion.

The Royal Arch companions and the display was well received and generated much interest.

This years Provincial Grand Lodge meeting was very special with Ladies and Gentlemen who were not Freemasons joining the meeting after the formal part, to witness Appointments and Promotions.  The brethren their ladies, gentlemen and distinguished guests then dined together in the beautiful Connaught Rooms. A wonderful Masonic occasion will live long in the memories of all present. Our Provincial Grand Secretary W Bro Barry Sparks and his team are to be congratulated on the organisational aspect of such a memorable Masonic occasion.