Romans at Winslow !

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P.Sojr Derrick Ardron,  H  Les Hampson,   Comp Brian Taylor, Z Ian Broatch, 1stAstSojr Paul Smith,  J Dave Vallis,  2ndAsstSojr  Paul Goodman.

On the 10th of  November 2018 Roman Way Chapter, held a regular convocation  at  The Eliot Hall, Church Street, Winslow.  Brother Brian Conner Taylor of Manor of Swanburn Lodge No 8647 who was raised the 23rd of February 2018 was Exalted in to the Chapter in very well delivered ceremony led by MEZ Ian Broatch.  Brian was most impressed with his exaltation and made very welcomed.

Roman Way is a very successful Chapter with a large membership.  The festive board was held at the “Bell Hotel” was as always very enjoyable. Good atmosphere, good companionship.  The Chapter have recently held their social lunch with over 100 present. Roman Way has raised a considerable sum for Charities over the years.

This is a very good Chapter,  You should visit !