Police Visit to First Principals!

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MEZ Paul Savage     Retired Detective Chief Inspector, W Bro Mike Neville,

Following the installation of their Principals, at the January meeting of Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter, the members received a most informative and interesting  talk from Retired Detective Chief Inspector, W Bro Mike Neville of Scotland Yard, on “Crime and The Craft”.

Mike started his talk by reminding the companions that the story of the third degree in Craft Masonry  is a story of murder, criminal investigation and subsequent trial and retribution. His talk then went on to inform how some Masons have applied this to their real lives. Mike’s talk was very well constructed and covered a number of historic cases such as:-  Lord Wharton, Grand Master Traitor and Flasher’, ‘The wicked Lord, Grand Master, killer and vandal’, ‘The strange case of the cross-dressing Mason, soldier and spy’, ‘Mutiny on the Bounty; the Masonic links’, ‘Jack the Ripper – Jack the Mason?’, ‘The Mason who applied to be the hangman’, ‘Worshipful Master, Worshipful Villain; the silver bullion robbery’, and ‘Evil Man, Evil Criminal, Evil Freemason; brother Kenneth Noye’. MEZ Paul Savage thanked Mike for his wonderful talk and presentation the Companions showed their appreciation.

His latest book “Crime and The Craft, Masonic Involvement in Murder, Treason and Scandal” is jam-packed with fascinating insights into murder and mayhem and the involvement of the Masons who proved themselves somewhat light as men of sound judgement and strict morals as well as the Masons who chased and caught them to the Masons who tried and condemned them.