E Comp Mike Stephens, ProvGSE, E. Comp Tony Townsend, Comp Carlos Sepulveda,                   H, E. Comp Trayton Mitchell,     MEZ,   E. Comp David Cooper,      J,  E. Comp Mark Wilson,           E. Comp Trevor Smith, Comp Simon Corb, Comp Balwinder Heera, E. Comp Aiden Edwards.

At a regular meeting of The Marlow Chapter, which was held on Wednesday the 12th of June 2019, at the Marlow Masonic Centre, the members had a very special occasion to celebrate. At this meeting the Chapter had the pleasure of a double Exaltation, along with a further three joining members. Bro. Balwinder Heera from the Denham Lodge and Bro. Carlos Sepulveda from the Marlow Lodge were exalted in to the Chapter. The Exaltation ceremony was noted by all present to be of a very high standard. The Exaltees were welcomed into the Marlow Chapter by the three Principals of the Chapter and into the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire  by E. Companion Mike Stephens, Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra, on behalf of the ME Grand Superintendent. The three joining members are E. Companions Trevor Smith, Aiden Edwards and Companion Simon Corb,who were welcomed into Marlow Chapter and into the Royal Arch Province of Buckinhamshire.

There was also a  surprised for a member of the Chapter, a companion, who was celebrating his 50 years in the Royal Arch. E. Comp. Tony Townsend, PAGSoj, who was presented with a certificate marking his fifty years in the Royal Arch, on behalf of the ME Grand Superintendent, by E. Comp Mike Stephens. ProvGSE.

46 Companion then retired to a very happy festive board.

E Comp Mike Stephens,ProvGSE Comp Carlos Sepulveda,     H, E. Comp Trayton Mitchell,     MEZ E. Comp David Cooper,     J,   E. Comp Mark Wilson, Comp Balwinder Heera.


E Comp Mike Stephens, ProvGSE,    E Comp Tony Townsend