Launch of The Royal Arch Vision Club.

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At the recent meeting of Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter held at the Beaconsfield Masonic Centre, on Friday the 20th of September 2019, our MEGS, John Keeble announced the launch of Royal Arch Vision Club (RAVC).

In January 2020, the Buckinghamshire Craft North East Corner Club (NECC) will help launch, the Royal Arch Vision Club (RAVC).

This is an exciting new imitative by the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire, to help newly made companions of the Order, to fully understand and enjoy this wonderful and very important step in their Masonic career.

The club will be run as the NECC by its members and over the years develop and evolve. To begin with a small group of senior Royal Arch members, will help to set it up, within eighteen months they will step away and leave in the hands of the members the club will serve.

Any member of the Royal Arch will be able to join the RAVC, which will at the start meet twice a year, once in the north and once in the south of the Province. It is hoped however that the focus will be companions who have not yet reached the Principals Chairs.

The purpose of the club’s role is as follows:-

  • To help newly exalted companions understand more about the Royal Arch’s history, its rituals, along with the story and meaning contained therein.
  • To help members understand where it fits in the Masonic story.
  • To meet as a group of interested companions to discuss topics of interest, share information and arrange suitable and interesting trips and visits.
  • To help companions have the right information along with the confidence to discuss their membership with Craft Masons who have not taken the fourth step in their Masonic Journey yet. To become an ambassador for the Royal Arch.
  • To listen to newly exalted companions give feedback to the Royal Arch executive, positives and negatives, which can and will be actioned.
  • In short, a club run by its members for the benefit of its members.