St. George on the Charge!

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Comp Eugene Nimako   MEZ  Keith Noonan

On Monday the 9th of December 2019, at the Masonic Hall, Wolverton, Bro Eugene Asante Nimako, a nurse practitioner who was raised in the Carnarvon Lodge No 1572 in 2018, was exalted into St George’s Chapter No 840, in a well worked and enjoyable ceremony led by MEZ Keith Noonan. St George’s Chapter is one of our oldest and most interesting Chapters in Buckinghamshire with 145 years of history, they are increasing in membership with Bro Simon Alun Brookman a member of St George’s Lodge No 5598 being a candidate for exaltation at their next meeting in February and two further candidates in the pipe line for exaltation for future meetings. At the meeting St George’s Chapter approved a donation for the Craft Festival of £1,000.  The convocation was followed by a superb festive board a memorable Masonic occasion.