The Yeomanry of Addington adds Michael to their happy Chapter.

First Principal E Comp Trevor Web,  Comp Michael Moyles

On Thursday 23rd of January, 2020, Addington Chapter held a regular convocation of the Chapter in the wonderful setting of Yeomanry Hall, Hunter Street, Buckingham. The Chapter is continuing to be very popular with craft brethren wishing to join the Royal Arch. At this meeting W Bro Michael Moyles of Verney Lodge No 8849, was the candidate for Exaltation. All the companions present at this meeting were treated to enjoyable ceremony.  E Comp Trevor Webb as First Principal, delivered and led the ceremony of Exaltation to a high standard. The general atmosphere throughout was of friendship and enjoyment, Addington. This is a very good Chapter well set for the future.

Yeomanry Hall,  Buckingham