Royal Arch Quiz win a bottle of Whisky!

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Win a bottle of whisky correct answers to be put into a draw on the 30th April 2020.   Send your answers


  1. From which book was the quotation first published “The Royal Arch, I firmly believe to be the root and marrow of masonry”?


  1. Where was a Grand Chapter of All England Held on Sunday 27th May 1778?


  1. Who on the 11th March 1875 was appointed as Grand Superintendent of the joint Province of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire?


  1. Who compiled and edited the first Buckinghamshire Masonic Handbook and Calendar?


  1. What is the name of the Chapter The Rev. John Studholme Brownrigg, Provincial Grand Superintendent from 1881 to 1930, was exalted?


  1. Which Chapter was consecrated in 1891 at The Angler’s Rest?


  1. Which Chapter was consecrated on the 5th of April 1939?


  1. E Comp Major A. G. T. Smith, Grand Superintendent 1945 to 1954, consecrated five Chapters in Buckinghamshire, name them?


  1. Which Grand Superintendent was Chairman of a Publishing Company?


  1. Which Grand Superintendent was held as a prisoner of war for a long period?


  1. Sir Ralph B. Verney, Bt, KBE, DL, Grand Superintendent 1965 to 1991, was unable to consecrate Royal Thames Chapter on the 17th of February 1979, why?


  1. The first Royal Arch Chapter was formed in 1865, in which town?


  1. Which Grand Superintendent held the Annual Provincial Convocation at his home?


  1. At the Annual Convocation in 1969 what did Provincial Grand Standard Bearer and the Provincial Sword Bearer carry when processing in with the ME GSupt to open the convocation?


  1. Which Chapter presented to the Province in 1974 the sceptres which are still in use at our annual convocations?


  1. Which Chapters made and presented the Provincial Standard?


  1. Who made the Provincial candle snuffer and taper holder?


  1. What happened to St. Barnabas Chapter?


  1. Where was Provincial Annual Convocation held in 1895?


  1. Which Chapter has the same number as the year it was consecrated?


  1. Why are there five arrows in the logo of Ferdinand de Rothschild Chapter?


  1. Which Chapter was consecrated in 1895 at the Christopher Hotel, Eton?


  1. In 1951 William Booth, MA, headmaster of Sir William Borlase School, was exalted into a Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Chapter, which one?


  1. Who was exalted on the 6th July 1909 and on the 4th of October 1910, presented a Grand Chapter Certificate and was then installed as J, H, and MEZ at the same convocation?


  1. The Grenfell Chapter was consecrated on the 23rd of September 1909 at the Dumb Bell Hotel, Taplow, Buckinghamshire. Why was the Hotel called “The Dumb Bell”?


  1. Which Chapter was consecrated on the anniversary of the birth of the poet Robert Burns?


  1. Which Chapter in the past held its Festive Boards at The Cavalry and Guards Club?


  1. Which Chapter took its name from one of its founders?