Roger Perry         19 out of 20    Wins a bottle of whisky

Peter Harborne    16 out of 20    Wins a bottle of wine

Mel Shah             16 out of 20   Wins a bottle of wine


  1. The Rev. Charles Edmund Roberts, M.A., P.G.Chap, who was Provincial Grand Secretary from 1901 – 1917 was a subscribing member of how many Buckinghamshire Chapters and which ones?

Studholm Brownrigg, Buckingham, Wycombe and Neleus.

  1. Which Chapter was consecrated at the Yeomanry Hall, Buckingham in 1946?

Cowper and Newton.

  1. Where did Wycombe Chapter hold its meetings from 1896 to 1920?

The South Bucks Auction, Mart, High Wycombe

  1. A number of Chapters and Lodges held their meetings before World War Two at a London Restaurant known as London’s Floral Restaurant, what was its name?

The Restaurant Frascati

  1. Up to 1982 a number of Chapters and Lodges meet at the Misbourne Restarunt and Masonic Hall, what was the address?

Misbourne Restaurant Ltd, Ethorpe Crescent, Gerrards Cross.

  1. Who was the first Deputy Grand Superintendent in Buckinghamshire?

Robert J Weatherhead.

  1. Which Oliver and Stanley movie pokes fun of the Freemasons?

Suns of the Desert.

  1. Who was the first Freemason on the Moon?

Buzz Aldin.

  1. Who in 1927 laid the Foundation Stone of “The Masonic Peace Memorial Building”?

Field Marshal, H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught & Strathearn, K.G. Most Worshipful Grand Mater.

  1. What is the seating capacity of Grand Temple of UGLE?


  1. Who in 1774 wins an Architectural competition to build a Grand Hall in Queen Street for the Freemasons?

Thomas Sandby, R.A.

  1. What is the name of the company that built the Organ in the Grand Temple, UGLE, Queen Street?

Henry Willis & Sons.

  1. What is Capitular Masonry?

Royal Arch Masonry.

  1. Which Buckinghamshire Chapter has a bee hive and bees in its logo (font page of summons)?


  1. Why do Royal Arch Masons wear a sash?

The Grand Chapter laws of 1778 ordered ‘the ribbon or sash of the order to be worn on the left shoulder’. The ribbon or sash was considered to be the decoration of a court official, or the stole of a priest that had been worn on the left shoulder and ‘symbolically’ represented the yoke of Christ. In the early Chapter the sash was sometimes worn on the right shoulder, because they originally believed that the sash was a sword belt that had to be worn this way to allow the sword to be easily grasped by the right hand. If this tradition is accepted, then we are dealing with a knightly degree probably of French origin. There is also a strong suspicion that those wearing the sash on their right shoulder were Modern masons, while the Antients wore it on the left one. English Grand Chapter regulations of today require all Companions to wear a crimson and purple indented sash over the left shoulder, passing obliquely to the right, with a silk fringe at the end.


  1. What is Cestreham Chapter named after?


  1. Where was the Provincial Grand Chapter meeting held in 1940?

Not held cancelled due to hostilities.

  1. Who was the Primus MEZ of Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter?

E Comp Rt Hon The Earl of Courtown, OBE G.Supt Bedfordshire.

  1. Where did the word Domatic in Domatic ritual come from?

Scotland and was used there to describe operative stonemasons as apart from Geomatic or Gentleman masons.


  1. Which Buckinghamshire Chapter number is said to be a perfect cube?

Missbourne No 3375