DepGS in Charge Letter to Stephens Chapter Installation Meeting.

Stephens Chapter would have held their Installation Meeting on Saturday 2nd of May 2020 but due to the current COVID 19 emergency it has been cancelled, along with all Masonic meetings, however our kind thoughtful Deputy Grand Superintendent in Charge Graham Dearing has written to the Chapter and to other Chapters on their Installation dates to express his disappointment in not being able to celebrate Installation with the Chapter, expressing his greetings to the members and an update on the Province:-

“I trust you and the members of your Chapter are well and keeping healthy during this difficult time. I am very mindful that Saturday 2nd May was due to be your Installation meeting and due to current COVID 19 situation is unable to take place. Your Installation meeting is that opportunity to thank those who have served the Chapter for the past year. Also, to celebrate its new officers and look towards the future. With the future in mind I fully appreciate that in 12 months the Chapter will be celebrating its centenary, something we are all looking forward to.

We as a Provincial Executive would like to send you and all of your members our best wishes and will be raising a glass to you all on Sat 2nd. Can I suggest all of your members might want to join us and raise a glass to Stephens Chapter, the Chapter and its members are worthy of a toast.

Masonry is an integral part of its member’s lives. I know how much everyone is missing the companionship of both their Craft and Chapter meetings. This brief period we are having to spend staying away is an investment in our future; it will allow us all to enjoy our meetings so much more when we do reconvene.  The one thing we know for sure that when we do get back together, Masonry will be stronger than ever.

I am delighted how every Chapter in the Province is ensuring that members are offered assistance if needed and kept in regular contact by a member of their Chapter or Lodge. Our New Provincial Almoner, Nick Wilson, is there to help if you need any extra assistance. This is our chance to demonstrate to the wider world what we do and what our values stand for, and to reaffirm to our own members why we are all so fortunate to be a member of this wonderful institution.

As a Provincial Royal Arch Executive, we are working with our Craft Provincial colleagues in numerous projects to ensure we help those who are in need. The deliveries of Food to Food banks, cooked meals to the vulnerable are just two of the projects that we are helping to facilitate. In my 25 years of being a Freemason, I do not think there has ever been a time when I have been prouder to call myself a Mason. I would urge all Masons to look at the Bucks Craft website,  and see what is happening in the name of Buckinghamshire Freemasonry.

To you and all the members of Stephens Chapter, thank you for continued support. I look forward to when we can all be together again and enjoy the companionship. In the meanwhile, stay safe and healthy and be ready and eager to return to your regular meetings when circumstances permit”.

Sincerely and fraternally


Click on below link for Graham’s letter to Stephens Chapter:-

DepGSupt in Charge – Stephens Installation May 2020