Peter Harborne    18 1/2 out of 20    Wins a bottle of whisky

Roger Perry         17 1/2 out of 20    Wins a bottle of wine


  1. Which of the two early Grand Lodges formed the first, “Grand Chapter”?

The Moderns

  1. What year was the first Grand Chapter formed?


  1. The Principal Sojourner gives the candidate the passwords leading to this Supreme Degree including their meaning. For one point each, what are the passwords? And what is the meaning?

Ammi Ruamah –

My people have found mercy.


  1. Originally the Royal Arch was a ‘Christian Order’, but references to Christianity began to disappear in the early 19th century and all references were removed when the ritual was drastically amended in what year?


  1. The Exaltation Ceremony – Why are there four knocks on the door?

The Craft Degrees are punctuated by three knocks, indicating that the three Craft Degrees are the first three steps in Freemasonry. Thus, there is the further fourth knock to represent the fourth and final step the Candidate is about to take in pursuit of the Genuine Secrets of a Master Mason. The Candidate enters and salutes as a Master Mason to prove that status, to the assembled Chapter.

  1. Where did Oliver Chapter meet from 1907 to 1945?

St Martin’s School, High Street, Fenny Stratford.

  1. Who in 1766 was the First Grand Principal (also known as Grand Master Z?

Cadwallader, 9th Lord Blayney.

  1. Which Provincial Chapter was consecrated one hundred and seven years after the birth of a Lodge?

Watling Street

  1. Which is the only Buckinghamshire Provincial Chapter which uses Metropolitan Working?

Stephens Chapter.

  1. In the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire the Addresses at Installation Meeting are given by Members of the Official visiting Executive \ Provincial Representative, from which Royal Arch workings are these taken from?


  1. What are the names of the Five Platonic “Regular” Bodies and what do they symbolise?

The tetrahedron, with 4 triangular faces:   FIRE

The octahedron, with 8 triangular faces:  AIR

The Hexahedron (cube), with 6 square faces EARTH

The icosahedron, with 20 triangular faces:  WATER

The dodecahedron, with 12 pentagonal faces.  UNIVERSE

  1. Who was the Primus MEZ of Longueville Chapter?

E Comp Ron Everett

  1. What Happened to Industria Chapter No. 5214?

Amalgamated with Old Paludians Chapter No. 7181

  1. In the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire how many Chapters use Complete Working and what are the names of those Chapters?

Four:  Buckingham, Ferdinand De Rothschild, Pegasus, Hampden.

  1. Rough Scribe or pins to find the name of this Buckinghamshire Chapter?

Princes Risborough

  1. In what year was it made permissible for a companion who is not an Installed Master in the Craft to be eligible for election as Third Principal?


  1. In the Royal Arch symbolism there are interlaced triangles sometimes called?

The Seal of Solomon

  1. Where in the Royal Arch can you find a scroll bearing the words “Nil nisi clavis deest” and what does it mean in English?

At the bottom of a Companions Jewel in English: “If thou canst comprehend these things, thou knowest enough”.

  1. Up to 1936 in the listing of Chapter Officers, the Office of Director of Ceremonies was below which Office?

Second Assistant Sojourner

  1. In 1890 where did the joint Royal Arch Province of Berks and Bucks hold its Provincial meeting?

No records exists of a Provincial meeting being held.