Well done  E Comp Peter Harborne wins a bottle of whisky with 19 correct answers.    July 4th 2020

  1. Which Grand Superintendent of Buckinghamshire was also a Member of Parliament?

Sir Daniel Gooch, BT, MP

  1. Why does the candidate find a scroll and not a book?

It is a scroll of vellum or parchment because the Royal Arch is trying to tell a tale from the Old Testament when documents were kept in such form.

  1. Ho lost campers cheats to find the name of this Buckinghamshire Chapter?

Thames Schools Chapter.

  1. Transpose the first BBC Rock and Roll Programme and then add the name of this 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock minus two, to find the number of this Buckinghamshire Chapter?

Pegssus  No. 5637

  1. Two companions who were exalted into Studholme Brownrigg Chapter in 1926 became business partners and by using the letters in their name formed a very large company what is its name?


  1. What is the county symbol used by Staffordshire Freemasons?

Staffordshire knot.

  1. In Freemasonry what does the compass symbolise?

Infinite Spiritual Boundaries.

  1. Why do most perambulations in the Lodge take place in a clockwise mode?

The custom of the clockwise movements in the Lodge is, in fact, to follow the sun, symbol of enlightenment

  1. The number 72 occurs in Freemasonry, what is its meaning?

The number 72 occurs in the ceremony of the Royal Arch  and is also given as the number of rungs in Jacob’s Ladder. The points of the Equinox, in terms of the Zodiac, remain in each degree for 72 years.

  1. Where in the Royal Arch can you find the words “Si talia jungere possis sit tibi scire satis” and its translation in to English?

On the circle of a Royal Arch Jewel, If thou canst comprehend these things, thou knowest enough.

  1. Due to ill health of the Grand Superintendent, this Buckinghamshire Chapter was consecrated by the Provincial Second Grand Principal at Gerrards Cross, what is the name of the Chapter?


  1. The original premises which now house the Marlow Masonic Centre were built in 1866 what was its use when first built?

Public Lecture Hall.

  1. The Anglo Saxon name for this Buckingham chapter is “Wigraed’s Fort” which Chapter is it?


  1. This Buckinghamshire Chapter takes its name from a Rear Admiral, what is its name?


  1. What is at the head of the stave of Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Banner and what is engraved on it?

A Triple Tau, engraved are figures depicting intelligence and understanding, strength, patience and assiduity, promptness and celerity.

  1. Which London Masonic meeting place called its self “London’s Marble Palace” ?

The Holborn Restaurant.

  1. This Buckinghamshire Chapter takes its name after the ancestral home of a Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Master what is name?

Hall Barn

  1. “Eliot Hall” Masonic meeting place in Winslow, takes its name from a freemason who is he?

The Lord Bishop of Buckingham ProvGM  the Rev Philip H. Eliot.

  1. This Buckinghamshire Chapter marks the site of Boudica’s defeat by the Romans, what is its name?

Watling Street.

  1. How many Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Chapter meet on the square and name them?

Tow St George’s and Wolverton Trinity.

  1. Chert urban woman naps for this Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Chapter?

Manor of Swanburn Chapter.