Meet the Men at the Top, 3rdProvGPrin Stan Green


Stanley Trefor Green was brought up and went to school in a small village called Aspley Guise in Bedfordshire. It was a typical country village with all the amenities including four pubs, it was a very close-knit village with a lot of things to do. Stan joined the Cubs, the Scouts and became an Army Cadet, Stan also joined the village’s very strong Youth Club that meet in the Parish Hall. During his youth to earn some pocket money, he deliver papers, helped out on a baker’s round and caddied at the local Golf Club.

Stan’s hobbies during his youth were football, running and train spotting.

Because of Stan’s interest in steam engines and railways his mind was set on becoming a train driver.  In September 1957 Stan joined British Railways as an engine cleaner at Bletchley Loco Shed. Stan was promoted to a Fireman in 1958, but due to Railway Modernization and the “Beeching Axe” was made redundant in 1963. Stan then had a number of jobs, until he and his wife purchased his wife’s grandmother’s fish and chip business and successfully remained in that business until retirement in 2005.

Stan’s interest in Freemasonry started with the Brother, who was eventually to propose him. He was in the same business as Stan and they also would meet socially, in the conversation he would mention what a great organization it is, Stan became intrigued and joined Freemasonry in 1976.

Stan was initiated into Scientific Lodge, No 840 which meets at the Masonic Hall, Wolverton, subsequently joining the Royal Arch in 1979, being exalted in to Oliver Chapter, No 2812, which meets at the Masonic Hall, Queensway, Bletchley, by joining at another Masonic Center it has extended Stan’s masonic circle of friends.

What have you learned from your time in Freemasonry?

“From my time in Freemasonry I have learned what a great leveler it is, the friendship and companionship that exists also the meeting of different people from all walks of life”.

Why did you join the Royal Arch? And what has it given you?

“Joining the Royal Arch has given me a greater understanding of Freemasonry and appreciation of a lovely ceremony along with a very good story”.

What would you consider your Greatest Achievements, in and out of Masonry?

“My greatest achievements in Freemasonry of which I am very proud is having been the Provincial Senior Grand Warden in the Craft and now the Provincial Third Grand Principal in Chapter. In my personal life it was meeting and marring my wife of 55 years who has been very supportive and starting my own business against all the odds”.

Stan if you could invite three people from history to dinner, who would they be and why?

“The three people from history that I would invite to dinner would be Isambard Kingdom Brunel James McConnell and Henry Cotton, Brunel was a genius visionary builder, McConnell a locomotive engineer and designer also the Primus Master of Scientific Lodge and Henry Cotton one the United Kingdom’s best Golfers”.

Describe yourself in three words

“Responsible, Supportive & Dedicated”

If there was one phrase which you felt described you, what would that be?

“I believe myself to reliable, loyal, and conscientious”.

Five things you didn’t know about Stan Trefor Green!

  1. Stan had the great experience of driving an express steam train on the main line from Northampton to Euston.
  2. Completed the London Marathon.
  3. Ran from Bletchley Masonic Centre to Beaconsfield Masonic Centre (37 miles) in aid of the 2010 Festival and raised £ 6,000.00.
  4. Has not missed a Lodge meeting in his mother Lodge in 44yrs.
  5. Has not missed a Chapter Meeting in mother Chapter in 40yrs.