Christmas Message from MEGS

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MEGS Graham Peter Dearing


I am sure you will all agree that 2020 is a year we will never forget, and one which will continue to have its effects for several years to come. With all of the unpredictability that exists in the World, it is good to know that Freemasonry and in particular the Holy Royal Arch continues to be a stable force for good in our lives and the community in general. The work which continues to be carried out by Buckinghamshire Freemasons to support so many is something we can all be very proud to be associated with. During this festive season, please take a moment to reflect on the good that we do in society. Please also take a moment over the festive period to reflect and remember those companions who are not with us this year, along with those members who have lost loved ones this year. Our thoughts and prayers go to all of their families and friends.

I am always optimistic about the future and know that in 2021, we will be able to resume our activities and enjoy the companionship or the order and return to some normality. That might not be as quick as we would all like, but it will happen.


Graham Peter Dearing, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent