Royal Arch Quiz December 2020 ANSWERS

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Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Quiz, December 2020, Answers below, winner of a bottle of Whisky, our Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah,    Stephen Edward Knight.

  1. What connection does James Baker Richards a Governor of the Bank of England have to the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire?

He was appointed Grand Superintendent of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire in 1812.


  1. Where was Studholme Brownrigg Chapter consecrated?

The British Schools, Amersham.


  1. Where in the Royal Arch can you find the seal of solomon?

Grand Chapter Certificate.


  1. How many times does a Candidate salute the VSL after taking his solemn Obligation?



  1. Let’s meet together “ Masons Lair Concede Best Fen”

Beaconsfield Masonic Centre


  1. Where can the word “Eyphkamen” be found in the Royal Arch?

Inscribed on the Royal Arch Jewel


  1. Why do Royal Arch Masons wear a sash?

The Grand Chapter laws of 1778 ordered ‘the ribbon or sash of the order to be worn on the left shoulder’. The ribbon or sash was considered to be the decoration of a court official, or the stole of a priest that had been worn on the left shoulder and ‘symbolically’ represented the yoke of Christ. In the early Chapter the sash was sometimes worn on the right shoulder, because they originally believed that the sash was a sword belt that had to be worn this way to allow the sword to be easily grasped by the right hand. If this tradition is accepted, then we are dealing with a knightly degree probably of French origin. There is also a strong suspicion that those wearing the sash on their right shoulder were Modern masons, while the Antients wore it on the left one. English Grand Chapter regulations of today require all Companions to wear a crimson and purple indented sash over the left shoulder, passing obliquely to the right, with a silk fringe at the end.


  1. The Exaltation Ceremony – Why are there four knocks on the door?

The Craft Degrees are punctuated by three knocks, indicating that the three Craft Degrees are the first three steps in Freemasonry. Thus, there is the further fourth knock to represent the fourth and final step the Candidate is about to take in pursuit of the Genuine Secrets of a Master Mason. The Candidate enters and salutes as a Master Mason to prove that status, to the assembled Chapter.


  1. Why does the candidate find a scroll and not a book?

It is a scroll of vellum or parchment because the Royal Arch is trying to tell a tale from the Old Testament when documents were kept in such form.


  1. What constitutes a Quorum in Chapter?

Nine – in as much as under Grand Chapter Regulation 43, a petition to erect a new chapter must be signed by at least nine companions.

  1. A winged horse gives you this Buckinhamshire Chapter name.


  1. Where can “Nil nisi clavis deest” be found in a Chapter and what does it translate in English?

Royal Arch Jewel “nothing is wanted but the key”