Royal Arch Quiz December 2020

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Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Quiz, December 2020, Answers to be published on 27th December 2020. Win a bottle of Whisky Test your knowledge! send your answers to:-

  1. What connection does James Baker Richards a Governor of the Bank of England have to the Royal Arch Province of Buckinghamshire?


  1. Where was Studholme Brownrigg Chapter consecrated?


  1. Where in the Royal Arch can you find the seal of solomon?


  1. How many times does a Candidate salute the VSL after taking his solemn Obligation?


  1. Let’s meet together “ Masons Lair Concede Best Fen”?


  1. Where can the word “Eyphkamen” be found in the Royal Arch?


  1. Why do Royal Arch Masons wear a sash?


  1. The Exaltation Ceremony – Why are there four knocks on the door?


  1. Why does the candidate find a scroll and not a book?


  1. What constitutes a Quorum in Chapter?


  1. A winged horse gives you this Buckinhamshire Chapter name?


  1. Where can “Nil nisi clavis deest” be found in a Chapter and what does it translate in English?