Big Red for Happy Bevan Chapter!

Happy Bevan Chapter,  MEGS Graham Dearing with new Companions Ajmer Pharani and Paul Williams

Another hot BIG RED meeting at Bevan Chapter, held at Marlow Masonic Centre on Thursday 7th September 2023, saw a superb Chapter meeting  with MEZ Ken White declaring early that this would be a "jackets off" meeting... The fans were doing their very best as Bros. AJ Pharani and Paul Williams were Exalted in a truly brilliant ceremony, with three PS parts being presented by different Companions. In addition, Comp. John Hunter became a joining member of the Bevan Team, and with two future candidates to be Exalted in the coming months there was a lot of excitement around the Festive Board. Congratulations to John, AJ and Paul!

Windsor End Chapter celebrate Big Red with Comp Ad...
BIG RED continues at Thames Schools Chapter

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