This is the Notice board section of our website and is for you to make your news  known throughout the Province. Whether it be to let others know about a special meeting of your Chapter or to share information of interest and value to other Bucks Companions, all you need to do is send an email to the Royal Arch Webmaster at interface.p@talk21.com contribution will then be assessed for posting of this part of the website for a limited duration. Attached files containing photographs of a suitable resolution are acceptable.



Here is your opportunity to forward questions relating to the Province and to have them answered by members of the Bucks Royal Arch Executive team. Questions should be submitted via email to the Royal Arch Webmaster at interface.p@talk21.com and should to be suitable for posting on this website.  Alternatively, any questions deemed for any reason unsuitable for posting may be answered with an individual private email. Your e mail should contain your name and Chapter and should indicate whether or not you are happy for your name to appear with your question.



Have you recently been Exalted into a Bucks Royal Arch Chapter? Would you like to announce your news to your Companions in Buckinghsmshire?

Just send an email with Your Name, date of Exaltation and Chapter name and number to the Royal Arch Webmaster at interface.p@talk21.com and attach a file with a photograph of yourself (head and shoulders preferred).  By sending this information you confirm your permission to publish the details provided on this website.