Buckinghamshire Royal Arch Strategy



For the thoughtful and curious Mason –

the journey of self-discovery continues with membership of the Royal Arch



The Future of The Holy Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire 2011 to 2016


The Vision

That Royal Arch Masonry be recognised, accepted and acted upon by ‘Craft’ Masons as being the essential step after becoming a Master Mason in order to complete a Brothers journey in ‘pure ancient freemasonry’.

That our Chapters make the Royal Arch meaningful and deliver the fulfilment our members have a right to expect”.


Summary of key actions 2011 to 2016

The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Dr Richard Neale and his team have completed a review of the Holy Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire. As a result, The Vision has been aligned to 4 strategic themes identified by our members as requiring action:

  • Communications
  • About You
  • Recruitment, Retention and Retrieval
  • Money Matters


These themes have led us to identify 11 key actions:


Communications – we will:

1.    Define the Holy Royal Arch and its relation to the Craft in terms that are easily understood by today’s Masons and we shall continuously review and update it in keeping with the needs of new recruits and the existing Companions, without eroding our ‘traditions’ and ‘values’

2.   Develop  action plans aimed at: 

  • Recruiting new members.
  • Meeting the needs of new members, in particular during the first years of their membership.
  • Meeting the needs of existing Companions.
  • Encouraging Chapters to be innovative in their thinking with regard to recruitment, retention and retrieval.
  • Initiating Chapter social events for Craft Masons.  
  • Critically reviewing the manner in which they hold their Chapter meetings.

3.   Improve communications: 

  • Between the Province and Chapters.
  • Between the Craft and Royal Arch

 4.   Focus on providing high grade media coverage, both Masonic and Non-Masonic, by producing and distributing regular articles relating to Freemasonry in general and the Holy Royal Arch in particular.

5.    Develop and maintain a vibrant, up-to-date, informative and motivational website.


About You – we will:

6.   Introduce a process of conducting surveys and interviews at key points in a Royal Arch Mason’s career. The aim is to address and measure whether aspirations have been and are continuously being met. The timing will be:   

  • On the first anniversary of joining.
  • On completion of the Office of  IPZ

 7.   Encourage our members and give them opportunities for advancement, using their individual skills and expertise for the benefit of the Province.

 8.  Integrate Royal Arch Training, Education and Development within the current Buckinghamshire Craft ‘Members Development’ group in so that a cohesive ‘Pure Ancient Freemasonry’ is projected to both Craft and Royal Arch membership.

 9.  Provide an environment for self development and personal fulfilment that builds on the teachings of the Holy Royal Arch and its relationship to the Craft.


Recruitment, Retention and Retrieval – we will:

10.  Focus on reversing the trend of membership decline to a net gain. The 5 year objective will be 50% of Craft members being in the Royal Arch.


Money Matters – we will:

11.   Highlight to our Membership and Chapters: 

  • That falling numbers will inevitably impact membership costs.
  • That falling numbers will impact on Chapter and Centre finances.