Cowper & Newton Chapter and Wolverton Trinity Chapter go Double and then TREBLE !

Cowper & Newton  Chapter and E Comp Joseph Le Roi-Smith, ProvGJ, welcomes Companions, Neil Briggs and Tom Murtagh

On Wednesday the 13th September 2023 was a "big night" at North Crawley Institute where Wolverton Trinity Chapter and Cowper & Newton Chapter had their meetings to exalt their respective candidates, followed by a joint festive board. Wolverton Trinity exalted Bro Chris O'Dell, then Cowper & Newton carried out a double exaltation bringing in to the Royal Arch, Bros Neil Briggs and Tom Murtagh. It really was a night that will be long remembered by all present, certainly the candidates.

Wolverton Trinity Chapter and E Comp Joseph Le Roi-Smith, ProvGJ, welcome Comp Chris O'Dell,  Wednesday 13th September 2023 "Big Red"
Popular Buckingham Chapter Support "Big Red"
Marlow Chapter a Triple "Big Red" Well Done!

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