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A brief overview of the three Grand Lodges and the Grand Originals we commemorate (with regard to their historical and biblical references)

Compiled by – Ex. Comp. Ron Howel of Neleus Chapter No 3062,   See sub tab

“The three Grand Lodges and the Grand Originals” :-


The Royal Arch Story and its Principle Characters

(Attributed to R.Comp. Stanley Peasley –

a former Scribe ‘E’ of the Bevan Chapter No. 2458)

This story  is taken from a number of writings on the subject, most of which are based upon the Books of the Old Testament.  It covers the main differences between the events in the Royal Arch story as they are portrayed in the ritual, and the historical evidence of the Captivity and Exile of the Israelites in Babylon.   In order to set the scene for that disastrous period in their history, it commences with a brief account of the history of the Israelites and the building of the first temple at Jerusalem which preceded the Exile.


Suitable for Royal Arch Masons only.

Time – 35 to 40 minutes

The Vision Splendid – An Address on the Holy Royal Arch

(By E. Comp. Graham I. Williams MA, Past Grand Superintendent, Royal Arch Province of Surrey)

The ‘Vision Splendid’ is a personal interpretation of the moral and spiritual principles underlying Craft and Royal Arch Freemasonry which unites them in one satisfying whole. The ‘Vision’ provides a worthy incentive for all our efforts, and by a combination of Faith, Hope and Charity, should bring success to everyman in his quest for happiness.

Suitable for Royal Arch Masons only.

Time – 25 to 30 minutes


Preparations we have all but Forgotten

(Taken and adapted from a talk by R.Comp. the Rev. Neville Barker Cryer, MA, a former Prestonian Lecturer.)

It is amazing how few experienced Craft masons can explain to a new candidate the reasons for his method of preparation, the experience he goes through just prior to him being initiated. This talk examines the preparation of candidates for their entrance into Freemasonry and is of interest to Royal Arch Masons who are keen to improve their overall knowledge and ability to recruit candidates into the Royal Arch..

Suitable for Royal Arch Masons and, with modification, for Craft Masons.

Time – 25 to 30 minutes


Some Holy Royal Arch Symbolism Explained  

(By E.Comp. Dr. Roger Jago, Past Grand Superintendent Hants and Isle of Wight)

This talk explores much of the symbolism found in the Royal Arch ritual, particularly the ceremony of Exaltation and the regalia worn by Companions of the order. It provides an insight into the meaning of the Royal Arch and identifies the moral lessons to be appreciated by its members.

Suitable for Royal Arch Masons only.

Time – 25 to 30 minutes  

An Appreciation of The Royal Arch Breast Jewel & the Origins of the Triple Tau.   

(By E.Comp. Paul Cawte)

This talk examines the design and symbolism of the Royal Arch breast jewel. It then goes on to consider the possible origins and myths associated with one of the central elements of the breast jewel, the ‘Triple Tau’. It provides an insight into the history and development of the Royal Arch as much as it explains the symbolism to be found on the jewel worn by all Companions. Suitable for Royal Arch Masons only.

Time – 30 to 40 minutes


The Royal Arch – Continuing the Great Journey of Discovery.

(By E.Comp Paul Cawte)

This is a short talk given by the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal that is by way of a personal observation, on the theme of ‘Why Join the Royal Arch?’ It is designed to assist Royal Arch Companions in attempting  to explain the Royal Arch to prospective new members Suitable for Royal Arch Masons and there is also a version for Master Masons.

Time – 7 to 10 minutes


The Traditional History of the Royal Arch.  

A presentation of the biblical background based, principally, on the building of the First and Second Temples, and where these fit into our ritual.   The story of the Sojourners and the 3 Principals of the Chapter, the finding of the ‘lost word’, and a historical background to our ritual of the RA. Suitable for RA Masons, only. (35 min).

By the Rivers of Babylon  

An illustrated presentation for Chapters, which offers an insight into that portion of Jewish history leading up to the rebuilding of the temple.  Suitable for RA Masons, only. (35 min)


An Explanation of the Royal Arch  

A presentation on the history of the Royal Arch, an explanation of the ritual, the regalia, furnishings, the banners and ensigns, the contents of the vault, the Grand Sanhedrin.  

Suitable for new Master Masons, ladies, non-masons. (40 min).  


An Explanation of the Ensigns and Banners  

A visual explanation of the twelve tribes of Israel and the four principal banners.  Suitable for RA Masons, only.  (40 min)